Bombs-Away LeMay

Season 5 - EP6

Episode 6Bombs-Away LeMay


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view of tokyo

View of Tokyo from an AAF plane, March 1945.

The arguments, accidents, cold-blooded logic and sheer serendipity that led to the longest night of the Second World War. Part three.

Lemay arrives in the Marianas

Lemay arrives in the Marianas and assumes command of the 21st Bomber Command, relieving Haywood Hansell (center) and his chief of staff (right), January 1945.

Air Force meteorologists using a balloon at the weather station in the Marianas, January 1945.

B-29s of the 21st Bomber Command

B-29s of the 21st Bomber Command await take-off from their Saipan airbase, February 1945.

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